Shops Commands

Posted On By Blue

/ds buy

Purchases a placeable shop block for $1,000. Afterwards, blocks cannot be placed in a protected area of two blocks around individual shop blocks, and the shop can be edited by right clicking it and accessing the GUI/in-chat instructions.


Sets your current location as your shop, available for teleport by yourself and other players.


Opens the shop advertisement menu to view players who have purchased a shop ad and you can teleport to players’ shops.


Teleports you to your shop, if one has been set.

/ps [player]

Teleports you to another player’s shop, if one is set.

/ps lock

Locks or unlocks your shop.

/ps remove

Deletes your shop and advertisement.

/ps advertise

Buys an advertisement slot for $1,000.

/ps advertise lore [message]

Adds a custom message to your advertisement.

/ps advertise lore delete

Resets all of your personal lore lines.