Lands Commands

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What is Lands?

Lands is an innovative land management system which can be mostly controlled via GUI’s ingame.

How to start:

  • Create a land
    /Land create [name]
  • Claim first chunk
    /Lands claim
  • Set lands spawn
    /Lands setspawn
  • Invite your friends
    /Lands trust [name]
  • Explore the Lands Menu settings
    /Lands menu


Creates a new land of a given name. First land is free, after that it costs $10,000.

Claims the current chunk you are standing in for your lands. The cost increases as you claim more and more land.

Sets your land spawn at the location you are standing in. Must be within a claimed chunk of your land.

Teleports you to your current land’s spawn.

Teleports you to a specific land’s spawn.

Switches the land you are currently editing (i.e. the display in chat, which land you can claim land for, set the spawn for, default teleport to, etc.)

Deposits a certain amount of money into your current land’s bank.

Withdraws a certain amount of money from your current land’s bank.

Invites a player to join your current land.

Sets a player to be certain role in your current land. Options include Admin, Moderator, Member, and Visitor.

Checks the balance of your current land.

Sends a chat message to your current land’s members in chat, rather than global chat.

Deletes a particular land.

Denies a lands request.

Opens up the help menu relating to lands.

Opens up the lands GUI which can be used for editing various lands settings.

Opens up a list of lands that currently exist.

Shows you the borders of your current land.

How to edit Land settings

  • Open Lands Menu
  • Select the Land you wish to edit
  • Press Land settings icon
  • Enable/Disable settings

How to create a role

  • Open Lands Menu
  • Select your Land
  • Select Global Roles icon
  • Select Create Role Icon
  • Enter the roles name in chat

How to edit role settings

  • Open Lands Menu
  • Select your Land
  • Select Global Roles Icon
  • Select Role you wish to edit
  • Select Settings Icon
  • Enable/Disable settings

How to create an Area

  • Open Lands Menu
  • Select your Land
  • Select Areas icon
  • Select Create Area
  • Enter a name for your Area

How to create a Selection

  • Create an Area as out-lined above
  • Enter Selection mode
    /Lands selection
  • Select Points A and B to define the area
  • Assign the selection to your created Area
    /Lands selection assign (name)