General Commands

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Teleports you to the Verdux Hub. From here you can navigate to our various Servers which currently includes Lands, Towny, and Creative.

Teleports you to the Lands Server Spawn- includes a three second delay.

Teleports you directly to the server you specify. Available options are Lands, Towny, Creative, and Hub.

Teleports you to a random location across the map. Includes a three second delay.

Requests that you be teleported to another player. Requires that your request be accepted and then includes a three second delay.

Requests that a player teleport to you. Requires that the other player accepts the request and includes a three second delay.

Updates ghost blocks in a five block radius around you.

Opens up the help menu.

Warps you to a given location. Current options include Arena and Tutorial.

Opens up the rules list in chat. Please read them carefully and mouse over for more details!

Opens the GUI for claiming your daily bonus. Dailies reset at approximately 10 pm CST (4 AM GMT). Daily streaks of more days earn you better rewards and the potential for a spot on our leaderboard!

Disclaimer: Daylight Savings Time will effect the accuracy of the times shown here.

Provides links to the three websites on which you can vote for us as well as your total number of votes. Voting on each site earns you in-game currency and five Vote Crate keys per link.

Opens the Pocket Games GUI. Pocket Games are in-GUI recreations of a few popular apps and mini-games. Compete for high-scores with your friends!

Displays the rankup chat display in chat. Can also be used to confirm ranking up to the next tier rank when applicable.

Displays your ping to the server in your chat.

The ChestProtect Command- type this then right-click the block you wish to protect. Your first ten protections are free, with a subsequent cost of 50, increasing by 5 each time it’s used.

Unlocks the ChestProtect on a given block.

Opens up the trails GUI.

Displays your in-game currency.

Displays the top ten players with the most in-game currency.

Displays your playtime on the server.

Displays the top ten players based on the most playtime.

Sends an afk message to the chat.

Sets a home that can be teleported to with a given name. Includes a three second delay on the teleport. The number of homes you can set is dependent on your in-game rank. If you do not a set a name for your home, it is default but your second home will require a name.

Either opens the GUI to select which home you want to teleport to, or directly teleports you to a home of a given name. Includes a three second delay.

Deletes a home of a given name or the only home you have available.

Displays the link to the dynmap of the server that can be opened in your internet browser.

Toggle Content

Either displays the kits that you can currently redeem or immediately redeems a kit of a given name. Currently the only available kit is Starter.

Displays your inbox.

Sends a mail to a user. Does not require that the player be online.

Sends a specified amount of currency to a specific player. Requires that you click in chat in order to confirm the transfer.

Sends a message to a specific player.

Sends a reply to your most recently received message.

Displays the invite link for the Discord server.

Displays the link to our Buycraft. Here you can find ranks, boosters, head packs, and more for sale!